AC/DC, and a few changes…

A few changes today. AC/DC Premium replaced Getaway at Knub’s Pub. Star Wars moved from Pizza West to Knub’s and replaced Spiderman. Spiderman took Star Wars’ place at Pizza West.

Oh, and a couple weeks ago Tri Zone replaced Firepower at KP.

Star Gazer in Knub’s Pub

Star Gazer is in Knub’s Pub.  It replaced Whirlwind.  Star Gazer will be there for a few months then it will be gone and will not be back.  If you haven’t played it, now’s your chance.

The Getaway at Knub’s Pub

The Getaway joins the lineup at Knub’s Pub.  It replaced Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

The rest of the lineup is Addams Family, Earthshaker, Iron Man, Medieval Madness, Metallica Premium, and Stellar Wars.