Monster Bash at Pizza West

Monster Bash arrives at Pizza West.  It replaced Attack from Mars.  The rest of the lineup is Funhouse, Grand Lizard, Iron Man, Stern Star Wars Pro, World Cup Soccer, and X-Men Magneto LE.

June Pizza West Tournament

Dylan battled back through the losers bracket to win the June tournament at PW. Gavin G. placed second and Shane Y. placed third. We never totally lost power but a power blip on the last match of the finals killed the game in progress.

We had 19 players. Full results at

Next tournament is July 15 at 5:00 pm. This event will mark 5 years of tournaments at Pizza West.

Doctor Who in Pizza West

Mario has left the building. I promised it would be a short visit, it ended up being 49 days. Mario didn’t even make it to his second tournament. Doctor Who has taken his place. Yes, when kids are involved, SMB earns pretty good. But don’t worry, it won’t be back. It was a nice little experiment that I don’t want to repeat.