Grand Lizard at Pizza West

Beware the legend of the Grand Lizard at Pizza West. It replaces Tri Zone and is 25 cents/play. If you haven’t played GL, it is a fun game with amusing sounds. The rest of the lineup is Attack from Mars, Avatar, Batman Dark Knight, Ghostbusters, World Cup Soccer, and X-Men LE.

X-Men Magneto LE in Pizza West

X-Men Magneto LE debuts at Pizza West. It replaced Star Wars. The rest of the lineup is Attack from Mars, Avatar, Batman, Ghostbusters, Tri Zone, and World Cup Soccer.

Marion R. won the tournament on Iron Man and takes home $78. Jason S. was second and gets $47. Nate H. was third and gets $32. Thanks to everyone for participating. Later this week I’ll start a tournament on Metallica in Knub’s Pub.

Tuesday Night Pinball and Iron Man Tourney

We’re still doing Tuesday night pinball at Knub’s Pub.  Here’s what it says:
Tuesday Night Pinball
Starting at 8:30, all players welcome
1st place – Beer tin or glassware
2nd place – T-shirt (from one of our vendors)
No entry fee, double elimination, all players receive 15% off their tab (discount off regular priced items only).

This is an informal event and is a good way to meet other pinheads.

Also, I’m running a tournament on Iron Man until midnight on Christmas Eve.  The way this works is you put in $1, 50 cents for the credit, 50 cents towards the pot.  Press the yellow tournament button to play.  Top three scores are paid out when the tournament ends on Christmas Eve.

Stellar Wars


Stellar Wars makes its debut at Knub’s Pub. It replaced Flash Gordon. Stellar Wars is an early Steve Ritchie widebody design. It plays faster than you’d think due to the pop bumpers on each side of the lower playfield. The three banks of drop targets also makes it interesting.

2016 Shawnee Open Final Results

The 2015 Shawnee Open was held October 29 and 30, 2016.  Thanks to all the players for helping to make this event a success. Thanks to Phil C. for all his work preparing and running the event. Thanks to the Pizza West Crew and servers for their hard work and making all this possible in the first place.

A Division Bracket | B Division Bracket | Qualifying Results

Original Tournament Overview Page


Congratulations to Marion R. for winning the 2016 Shawnee Open.  Eric G. placed second and Keri W. placed third.


Logan H. won the B Division, Jared K placed second, and Erik A. placed third.


Congratulations to Phil C. for winning the Classic Division.  Erik A. placed second.

2015_trophiesPrizes and trophies were awarded in addition to cash payouts.