Wizard of OZ LE

The following photos are from when I was trying to sell the game.  Details of the game can be found at the following pages:

Wizard of Oz 1  Wizard of Oz 2  Wizard of Oz 3

DSC_0440 (Custom) DSC_0441 (Custom)Cliffy protector has been installed on the Munchkin playfield edge.

DSC_0443 (Custom) DSC_0444 (Custom) DSC_0445 (Custom) DSC_0446 (Custom) DSC_0447 (Custom) DSC_0448 (Custom) DSC_0449 (Custom) DSC_0450 (Custom) DSC_0451 (Custom) DSC_0452 (Custom) DSC_0453 (Custom) DSC_0431 (Custom)Mylar was applied at the edge to stop any wear.  I can remove if you like but I prefer to leave it.

DSC_0432 (Custom)Mylar at the left edge.  It is a little dirty, which makes it stand out more.

DSC_0434 (Custom) DSC_0435 (Custom) DSC_0436 (Custom) DSC_0437 (Custom)You can see the crack in the photo below, just above the drop target.  I’ve stop drilled it to keep it from getting any worse.

DSC_0438 (Custom)