Moving pinball machines out of my basement

I have a walk out basement. For the most part it beats messing with stairs, and it is great for moving machines in. I can get them unloaded and into the basement by myself. Getting them back out is a bit harder and takes another person because of this:

Notice that nice tree at the top.

I went to Harbor Freight to see what I could rig up to pull machines up the hill by myself. Originally I was going to use pulleys and rope. However, they had a 12v remote control winch on sale that has 32′ of cable. So I decided to go that route.

I bolted U-clips to the back mounting points and made a cable to anchor it to the tree. 32′ is just the right length to get to the bottom of the hill. And having the remote control will let me stay with a machine and guide it when going up the hill.

The final thing was to make a wheel attachment for my dolly to transport the machine up the hill. The wheels were also on sale.

It works great. No problems, couldn’t have worked any better: