Doctor Who

I picked up a basket case Doctor Who in October of 2013.  I had a lot of other things that had to get done before I could work on it, so I folded it up and stuck it in the garage.  Today I got it back out, it is time to get it working.DSC_0227 (Custom)My first thought after setting it up was that I’d forgotten how bad it is.  My heart sank a little.  When I bought it it would not stay powered on and kept resetting.  The sound went out as I was looking at it.  It basically died in front of me.  It is a reimport.  Don’t get me wrong, reimport games can be fine.  I own another reimport that is a great game.  But this one fulfills all the dire warnings about buying a reimport game.  Water damage, rust, dirt and grime, a few hacks.

I’ll share some pics of what I have waiting for me.  I won’t be restoring this, my intent is to get it playable and cleaned up as much as I can so it will be in Pizza West for the Barry Oursler benefit tournament on April 13th.

We’ll start on the outside.  The coin door is trash.  I have a replacement.

DSC_0189 (Custom)Electrical tape, silicone caulk at the coin return helping secure the coin mech to the door.

DSC_0191 (Custom)No, the diagnostic buttons don’t work.

DSC_0192 (Custom)Playfield support.  The other side of the cabinet is the same.  How’d they manage to lose both carriage bolts for the playfield supports?

DSC_0177 (Custom)A few nails to hold the cabinet together.

DSC_0180 (Custom)Silver spray paint on top of rust.  There, that’s all better.

DSC_0184 (Custom)Somebody’s butt got wet:

DSC_0187 (Custom)At least it has Lightning flippers, mismatched though.

DSC_0193 (Custom)Okay, we’re now on to about the only good part of the game.  The playfield is pretty nice.  NBA Fastbreak slingshot plastics are a nice touch:

DSC_0195 (Custom)More playfield:

DSC_0196 (Custom)I have no idea if the motor for the Time Expander works.  The whole thing was frozen and would not move.  Fingers crossed.

DSC_0197 (Custom)That’s electrical tape at the entrance to the Tim Expander, not a metal strip as it is supposed to be.  Cliffy will be getting an email soon.

DSC_0199 (Custom)Now we head inside where a unique smell awaits:

DSC_0209 (Custom)Somebody liberally greased the Time Expander.

DSC_0212 (Custom)Mold:

DSC_0225 (Custom)Here’s how you fix problems with the general illumination:

DSC_0229 (Custom)That’s it.  I’ll be tearing into it and trying to get it done.

Update, It’s done!