Stern SAM Battery Problem

I haven’t written a repair oriented post in quite a while. I figured I’d better document this one while it was still fresh in my mind.

The problem was a Stern CPU board out of a Spiderman that was draining the battery quickly. This era of board is Stern’s SAM system that was used from Pirates of the Caribbean until Wrestlemania, which was the debut of the Spike system.

A quickly draining battery usually involves the board’s clock or RAM. These are what the battery supplies power to when the game is powered off. The area we’re interested in is this section of the CPU board schematics:

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Old vs. New

I typed the following on a forum post and figured I may as well throw it up here.  It is just some of my thoughts on using original circuit boards vs. buying new:

Some people want things original.  There’s nothing wrong with running the old boards. One person may not like it, one may prefer it. I’ve certainly seen a fair amount of problems with brand new stuff. And often a new board doesn’t solve the problem because the actual issue is something else. I’ve seen new boards damaged because the original problem was not correctly repaired. In the end a new board didn’t save the owner any time or money.

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Doctor Who

I picked up a basket case Doctor Who in October of 2013.  I had a lot of other things that had to get done before I could work on it, so I folded it up and stuck it in the garage.  Today I got it back out, it is time to get it working.DSC_0227 (Custom) Continue reading

DE Star Wars Switch Problems

DSC_6461 (Large)I haven’t posted a repair in a while, I just haven’t had the time to document and write up what I’ve been doing.  This one was quick and easy so I figured I’d post it.  My Star Wars in Pizza West seemed to be randomly closing switches, one of which was the slam tilt.  When that happens, it is game over and the machine reboots.  Obviously it wasn’t playable.

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WPC-95 Battery Corrosion

I figured I’d post about what happens when you half-ass a job.  A customer was having problems with their Tales of the Arabian Knights.  The game wouldn’t kick the ball into the shooter lane.  I had completed another repair, had some extra time and was close by, so I called and stopped in for a quick look.  Here’s the CPU board that was in the game:
DSCN1140 (Custom)

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