Making Drop Target Decals

I’m doing some more work I’m doing on my Bally Transporter the Rescue that was previously discussed here.  I needed to make new decals for the game’s drop targets.

Hitting the drop targets is the main objective in this game, so they take quite a beating.  As you can see, they were getting a bit worn and dingy looking.  And these are the better looking three of the six drop targets.  As I discussed in my earlier post about making plastics, Transporter is a pretty low production System 11 game.  So nobody makes reproduction decals, and nobody probably ever will.  So that means you have to take matters into your own hands.

I started by disassembling the drop targets and scanning the artwork.  I then cleaned it up using GIMP and printed it on photo paper.

I cut out the images and attached them using 3M 467MP double sided adhesive that I purchased from PinRestore.  In this case, any good double sided tape would work fine, but I used the 467MP because I had it on hand.

I attached the images to the targets and then applied Mylar over the top for protection.

Here’s the end result installed in the game.  Much better.