Twilight Zone in Knub’s Pub

Twilight Zone replaced Addams Family at Knub’s Pub. TAF had been at KP for 1.75 years and at Pizza West for a year before that. Time for it to come home and get a little TLC. It will be going back into PW shortly after I go through it and clean it up. After a visit to PW for a few months it will head back to KP for probably another lengthy stay. So if you love Addams Family, don’t despair, it will be back.

AC/DC, and a few changes…

A few changes today. AC/DC Premium replaced Getaway at Knub’s Pub. Star Wars moved from Pizza West to Knub’s and replaced Spiderman. Spiderman took Star Wars’ place at Pizza West.

Oh, and a couple weeks ago Tri Zone replaced Firepower at KP.