2016 Shawnee Open Final Results

The 2015 Shawnee Open was held October 29 and 30, 2016.  Thanks to all the players for helping to make this event a success. Thanks to Phil C. for all his work preparing and running the event. Thanks to the Pizza West Crew and servers for their hard work and making all this possible in the first place.

A Division Bracket | B Division Bracket | Qualifying Results

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Congratulations to Marion R. for winning the 2016 Shawnee Open.  Eric G. placed second and Keri W. placed third.


Logan H. won the B Division, Jared K placed second, and Erik A. placed third.


Congratulations to Phil C. for winning the Classic Division.  Erik A. placed second.

2015_trophiesPrizes and trophies were awarded in addition to cash payouts.