Daniel Marez II Benefit Tournament

20160820_222703 (Custom) 20160820_222734 (Custom)The Daniel Marez II Benefit Tournament was a great success. We had 32 entrants. Qualifying standings are here: https://matchplay.events/live/vw92/standings

I don’t have a total for the amount raised, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we come close to $2k when everything is totaled. Thanks to everyone for their support and generosity. Big thanks to Phil C. for all his work helping to organize and run the event. Thanks to Dennis K. for donating the trophies and thanks to him and Tony K for the work they did to get the word out.

The big winner was Adam M. He got the double trophy bonus. Keri W. placed second and Robert H. placed third. Sorry for the terrible photo. Someone share a better one if you have it.

I somehow won B division. I’m more excited than I look in the photo. I think I was still a little shocked. David Z. placed second and Logan H. placed third.

Thanks again!

Earthshaker in Knub’s Pub

earthshakerEarthshaker replaced Funhouse at Knub’s Pub so that Rudy can take a break. The rest of the lineup is Addams Family, Flash Gordon, Game of Thrones Pro, Iron Man, Kiss Premium, and Medieval Madness.