Tri Zone Returns to Pizza West

tri zoneTri Zone makes its return to Pizza West.  It replaced Firepower.  If you haven’t played Tri Zone, it is a great simple game and a lot of fun once you learn the rules and what you should and shouldn’t shoot for.  The rest of the lineup is Batman Dark Knight, Ghostbusters Pro, Jurassic Park, Medieval Madness, Data East Star Wars, and Terminator 3.

Kiss Premium and Addams Family at Knub’s Pub

20160511_132656 (Custom)Kiss Premium arrives at Knub’s Pub. Addams Family comes back and is in Knub’s pub after its exit from Pizza West. The games they replaced are Diner and Doctor Who. The rest of the lineup is Flash Gordon, Funhouse, Game of Thrones Pro, Iron Man, and Theatre of Magic.

20160511_132836 (Custom)

Ghostbusters Pro in Pizza West

20160503_151807 (Custom)Ghostbusters Pro arrives at Pizza West.  It replaced Space Station.  The rest of the lineup is Batman Dark Knight, Firepower, Jurassic Park, Medieval Madness, Star Wars (Data East), and Terminator 3.