Changes at KC Pins

Updated June 17, 2020

After 8 years I’ve decided it is time for me to hang up my operator keys. Don’t despair, this doesn’t mean pinball is leaving Pizza West, Knub’s Pub. Nick Greenup of Solid State Pinball Supply with help from Keri Wing will be taking over these two locations. Outfield Beer Company in Edwardsville no longer has pinball machines on location.

Most of you know Nick and Keri and you know their commitment to pinball. For those of you who don’t, be assured there is a reason I asked them if they wanted to take over. I’m sure they will continue to provide you with high quality, clean games.

As of now, Elvira’s House of Horrors, Stranger Things Premium, and Mustang Pro are on at Knub’s Pub. Tron and Star Wars Premium are on at Pizza West. I’ll be tying up loose ends but for the most part things are now out of my hands. As Nick transitions to taking over you’ll see more games in operation.

In 8 years I’ve been able to put 74 different titles on location for you to play. This wouldn’t have been possible without help from Todd Svec and Jeff Collins. And of course none of this could have happened in the first place and wouldn’t be continuing without Dave Knubley, and Cory Knubley, owners of Pizza West and Knub’s Pub.

I didn’t really get a chance to have things take off at Outfield Brewery. Best of luck to Beau Martin and Greg Bush.

As for me, my business will go back to what it was originally. I’ll be focusing on repairs and restorations. My availability will be scarce for a little bit, I’ve got a lot to take care of right now. Hopefully you’ll see me playing in tournaments in the future instead of running them.

I know I’ll get questions about games that are for sale. I won’t answer questions or deal with that at the moment. That will happen later as I get caught up. Sorry, I can’t give you a timeline on when, but I can say that the following games will not be for sale: TAF, Flash Gordon, Iron Man, AFM, Jurassic Park, TOM, Tri Zone, Whirlwind, LOTR, TZ.

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KCGameCON is November 30th through December 2nd. There will be over 20 pinball machines set up at this event on free play. Several KC pinball enthusiasts (myself included) are supplying games for this event. There is also a pinball tournament. This will be a good chance to meet other players, earn WPPR points, and play a bunch of different games. More information can be found at:

Stolen Games in MO

Update:  The individuals have been caught although as of 1/7/15 the games have not been recovered.

Rob Anthony had several games stolen in mid-Missouri.  His post about the theft is here.

Here is what was stolen:
-3 (yes three) Star Wars Episode One. One of which was Home Use Only, bought by me in ’99, with less than 100 plays. The game was immaculate and it kills me that it’s gone.
-Revenge from Mars
-Complete Star Wars Episode One kit, in original box, including PRISM and ROM board.
-2 Space Shuttle
-Gottlieb Gladiators
-various pinball parts, including NOS AFM, SttNG assemblies, R&B backbox character plastics
-not pinball, but worth noting since they’re large boxes and likely with the pins-NIB portable AC/Heater and NIB Craftsman shop/bar stool

These pins were taken from mid-Missouri, near Davisville, within the last couple of weeks. If you see anything turn up anywhere in the country that doesn’t seem right, please let me or the Crawford County Sheriff’s department know.

You can also contact Rob at borygard at gmail dot com


ColorDMD for Theatre of Magic

tom colordmd

I haven’t had time to get a new (or returning) game ready to put in Pizza West this month.  November and December are always crazy months for repairs as everybody wants their games working for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  But I did get some eye candy for Theatre of Magic.  ColorDMD did a great job, I think it looks really nice.